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Spring Flowers Muck Below

Daffodilscrowrobbinwatercolor 003Here today in Wisconsin sunshine, above freezing and the dusting of snow we had this week is all gone (except for in deep shadows). Yesterday I was in the winter horse paddock with my high yellow boots on, adding fence. Scout, the lover of food, is determined to get onto pasture. I would love to oblige him, but the pasture is way too wet and would be quickly destroyed by enthused horse hooves.

We had amazing amounts of frost heave this year. Amazing, the ground rising a foot or even more in some trafficked areas. I’m not sure why certain spots heave so much. The ground under my horse trailer came up to nearly touch the underside of the trailer while the wheels stayed down. Two posts supporting our deck rose right through the deck, the others stayed in place. The horse winter area, insulated in many spots by horse manure, is a result of frost heave, thawing, and repeated precipitation … yucky.

So yesterday, in the muck, I became stuck. Really stuck. Thought I was going to take a dive or at least lose my boots – which would be very bad. You know the scene where Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) falls in the pig pen? I totally understand the horror of it. Sham (my old Arabian) came to the rescue and stood there patiently as I used him as a support. Each footfall became a question, “Will I be able to pick that foot up again including the boot?” Suction unreal. I got one foot onto solid ground, holding onto Sham, I still couldn’t get the other foot free. Totally crazy. No wonder Cola hesitates to come out of the run-in shed and then just leaps through to the feeding area.

So I let Sham, my anti-mud hero, have some time on pasture while I caught Scout and escorted him back into the, lets face it, awful muddy area. I’m hoping we’ll have several days of warm, ground drying weather soon. At least they have several good spots to be on and the run in shed is good, but they’re using it as a bathroom — hmm. Nothing to do now but hope for Mother Nature’s bounty.

Meanwhile the daffodils are blooming. Those are tough flowers. Come snow, sleet or frozen nights they still look cheery. I picked these for my husband’s birthday and then photo’d them this morning in a sunny window. Hope you are somewhere the ground isn’t clay infused and mucky.

Birth of Night

SunstJan302015 003aFast silent fire

Pervade, absorb, adore,

The sun so beloved,

Gleams down no more.

Dark clouds summit,

Pose with god-like style,

Yes we fear darkness,

But end of light beguiles…

I was driving west on highway 64 today as the sun set, turning the sky an amazing orange hue, so I pulled over letting traffic whoosh on by and took some photos out my car window. I liked the ceiling of clouds and the fact I could see the globe of the sun through the trees. Darkness is coming later and later here in northern Wisconsin, although tonight is forecast as another cold one.  — J. Renzoni

Deer season opener- Wisconsin

Warmer, snow covered, unfrozen ground with moist 20-30 degree weather welcomed those stalwart, orange-clad deer gun toting hunters today the first day of gun deer hunting 2014.indexSongs were being sung and excitement was building throughout the end of this last week – smiles gracing the faces of otherwise  somber, bearded, flannel-shirted middle-aged men.flannel

Sigh. As per usual I’m sticking close to buildings and wearing orange to ward off random poorly aimed slugs. A large percentage of the deer, also knowing what season it is, have moved into thickets, soggy marshes and closer to buildings to ward off being targets. I saw the tracks of a small herd crossing my horse pasture and headed for a stand of trees and brush bordering our property – they have successfully hidden out in this spot for several years.

There is no hope for respite from the collard, Brussel sprout, apple tree eating, fence busting furry hoard. Not at this level of white-tail-ness.deereatinggarden

This year, since 24 deer per square mile is inadequate concentration for successful hunting, there are no doe tags in our county.

deercarcrashThe level of concentration of deer is quite adequate for deer/vehicular collisions and a boon to auto repair shops, building the economy locally, one deer at a time. Remember, there’s seldom just one trying to cross the road in front of you … more like three or four.

With the advent of off-site registration much of the gatheringdeerregistrationjpg deer-registration joy and storytelling tradition has gone down the road. Social traditions and beer drinking with a bloody buck on the hood or hanging out the back of the pick-up truck be damned. Take a photo from the right angle and he’s shore a big’un. Onward facebook dead deer photo sharing.

Eight more days of wearing orange. Good luck everybody, stay out there ’til you get your buck … remember, don’t shoot at moving orange, or still orange or really anything that doesn’t have all the traits of a deer.


Sky show

I love dramatic sky, big clouds, contrasty colors, shifting shapes, and changing weather.

I used to like fireworks with the one time big display on the 4th of July. I always remember the time in Lohrville  when a big chrysanthemum-style explosion just barely cleared the pines. A good thing that the fire department was the one putting on the show.

As a kid in the robin’s egg blue station wagon, Dad always wanted to leave before the finale to avoid the traffic jam and we wanted to see the last big display. We could never see the flag in  explosive lights.

Now everyone has their own and they’re blowing them up before, on the day and during the week after. It’s too much. It’s like having ice cream for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It sounded like a war last night,  surrounded by crazy fireworks exploders. What’s the point? Everyone’s seen them, smelled them, breathed them, heard them and experienced the fireworks litter.

Tonight there was a different sky show after a foggy, rainy, muggy day the rain storm moved in and out for sunset.

cloudsJuly62014 005 cloudsJuly62014 008 cloudsJuly62014 010 cloudsJuly62014 011 cloudsJuly62014 016 cloudsJuly62014 018 cloudsJuly62014 002 cloudsJuly62014 004And it had everything, sprinkles, thunder, downpour, a rainbow when the sun broke through and amazing, changing clouds as sunset approached. Smelled fresh and no litter to pick up. I walked around outside wet and barefooted waiting for the clouds to flow into the next panorama – wow.


Mother’s Day flowers

Daffodils in the spring sunshine.
Daffodils shining in the spring sunshine and waving in the soft breeze. I planted 55 more daffodil bulbs this spring.
Hothouse flowers, a bouquet for mothers.
Hothouse flowers, a bouquet for mothers, I guess. I set it down on the floor in the sunshine by a glass door.
Love these clouds.
Love these clouds, a different kind of bouquet of color. This was taken May 3rd, now some green is starting.
Brightly yellow even if clouds block the sun daffodils.
Brightly yellow even if clouds block the sun, more daffodils.

You are an image in my mind, a stop action photo

I see you there and there, doing this, sitting there.

I remember…


Garden gate/Snow gate

Want to see a contrast? Garden gate/Snow gate … 6 more weeks of winter, hmm.

More snow is in the forecast and the windchill is again 25 below, I’m getting more and more Wisconsin-Alaskan; very weather hardy.  I just put on the layers and keep the boot heater running. I’ve heard the real up-northerners don’t actually have much snow and parts of the great dogsled race have had to be rerouted due to its lack.

I’d be glad to share. Here’s my garden gate, I’m not sure it will ever swing free again.

Snowgate, 4 feet tall, snow equally as tall here due to drifting, it's the same on the other side of the fence and the bunnies are just hopping over.
Snowgate, 4 feet tall, snow equally as tall here due to drifting, it’s the same on the other side of the fence and the bunnies are just hopping over.
Garden gate, 4 feet tall and 8 feet crossbar above.
Garden gate only a fond memory, 4 feet tall and 8 feet crossbar above.

We had that one 25 degree day – it was so warm the horse blankets ended up soaked from melting snow, my boots were soaked too, I got too hot outside – very irritating. But anyway, the frozen hydrant was unfrozen! Yeah! water for the horses without sledding it.

I don’t know if I believe the second photo will ever come true. But since it never seems to be getting warmer (our winter temps are supposed to average in the 20’s) I’ve resigned myself to hikes whatever the temperature and I’m starting to think 25 below windchill isn’t all that bad … however, the supposedly 50 below windchill morning did have me turning around – frozen eyes, I needed goggles.

Hope you’re doing well and that your windchill is above 0.