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OK, I’m ready for Spring now

Couldn't we just skip this...
Couldn’t we just skip this…
And get to this!
Let’s get to this!

More snow. Enough shoveling already.

The winter wonderland theme is getting old. White fluffy cold stuff gracing the boughs of pines and tops of fences just isn’t as romantic as it was several months ago.

How many more weeks of winter did that rodent say we’ve got to wait until spring?

Brown – northern Wisconsin after the color is gone

After the excited burst of leafy color falls, in the always too early rain and windy deluge of autumn, ending up skittering over the previously undecorated ground and across the roads, comes brown. Rich shades of brown from gold to dark chocolate add glow to sunrises and sunsets matching the earth to the solar splendor. The time of year when a golden aspect occurs everyday the sun shines. A last reminder of the summer that’s left behind, transformation from growth to compost fodder for the rennaisance of life months away.

The trunks of trees, now visible, when just a short while ago they were unseen, are the dark backdrop of light golden brown grasses, dark brown bushes, burgundy and russet-brown leaves on, slow to let go of their now defunct food manufacturing units, oaks.

This first gloss of brown gives way in the ever-present fall rains to smear muddy, rot smelling, blackened brown of things decaying without growth. Wet boots begin treading  through ever deeper mud. Cold face and hands, swipes of dirt and murky chill quickly become  shivering crystallizing brown in which my internal body thermal regulation is not ready for the darkening change. Doormats do their jobs imperfectly with grit encroaching. The horses lose their gloss and become fuzzy soiled never clean brown. The dogs collect stick tight brunette seed heads, small bear ticks and splatter. My clothes show the season, black, gray and mud hiding brown, my mood reflects the weather. Beauty is there, but not as easily found and more likely to have a cold bite.

A dullness enters the world and soon the wish for frosty whiteness becomes more pronounced, more whimsically desired.  White to cover brown.