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Liken Lichen

photo by Jeanine Renzoni, camera Nikon Coolpix S9900

The Opposite of Succulent Wild Life

Symbiotic association.

Algae and fungi.

Food, dye, medication.

Grow so slowly.

Substrate, skull of deer.

Making, on that so iconic symbol of death;  white sun-bleached skull bones,

A new vegetative life. I like it.

Green, olive, ocher, crustose, squamulose … uncertain propagation.      —Jeanine Renzoni

photo by Jeanine Renzoni – Angles on Lichen Encrusted Deer Skull.





Ice Creatures

We’re back to cold in Wisconsin – 7 degrees overnight and a high that barely skirts the 20s. Our brief springlike weather has blown over. But there is some melting, dripping, ice forming in the bright sunlight and that’s where the creatures are formed.

Icedragonfly 006a
Decorated ice photo – Dragonfly aka Mosquito Dragon photo Jeanine Renzoni
Icedragonfly 005
Ice creature in the honeysuckle vine. Photo Jeanine Renzoni

Dragonfly, serpent gleam;

Delicate bridge, to in between;

Icy drips, aching cold;

Sunlight streams, never old.

Icefrog 002a
Photo edited to intensify ice frog … – Jeanine Renzoni
Icedragonfly 002
Ice frog in the honeysuckle vine – photo Jeanine Renzoni

Sagging amid the honeysuckle vines,

Amphibian style so reclines,

Frozen in this awkward pose,

When will spring come, no one knows.



Birth of Night

SunstJan302015 003aFast silent fire

Pervade, absorb, adore,

The sun so beloved,

Gleams down no more.

Dark clouds summit,

Pose with god-like style,

Yes we fear darkness,

But end of light beguiles…

I was driving west on highway 64 today as the sun set, turning the sky an amazing orange hue, so I pulled over letting traffic whoosh on by and took some photos out my car window. I liked the ceiling of clouds and the fact I could see the globe of the sun through the trees. Darkness is coming later and later here in northern Wisconsin, although tonight is forecast as another cold one.  — J. Renzoni

Deer season opener- Wisconsin

Warmer, snow covered, unfrozen ground with moist 20-30 degree weather welcomed those stalwart, orange-clad deer gun toting hunters today the first day of gun deer hunting 2014.indexSongs were being sung and excitement was building throughout the end of this last week – smiles gracing the faces of otherwise  somber, bearded, flannel-shirted middle-aged men.flannel

Sigh. As per usual I’m sticking close to buildings and wearing orange to ward off random poorly aimed slugs. A large percentage of the deer, also knowing what season it is, have moved into thickets, soggy marshes and closer to buildings to ward off being targets. I saw the tracks of a small herd crossing my horse pasture and headed for a stand of trees and brush bordering our property – they have successfully hidden out in this spot for several years.

There is no hope for respite from the collard, Brussel sprout, apple tree eating, fence busting furry hoard. Not at this level of white-tail-ness.deereatinggarden

This year, since 24 deer per square mile is inadequate concentration for successful hunting, there are no doe tags in our county.

deercarcrashThe level of concentration of deer is quite adequate for deer/vehicular collisions and a boon to auto repair shops, building the economy locally, one deer at a time. Remember, there’s seldom just one trying to cross the road in front of you … more like three or four.

With the advent of off-site registration much of the gatheringdeerregistrationjpg deer-registration joy and storytelling tradition has gone down the road. Social traditions and beer drinking with a bloody buck on the hood or hanging out the back of the pick-up truck be damned. Take a photo from the right angle and he’s shore a big’un. Onward facebook dead deer photo sharing.

Eight more days of wearing orange. Good luck everybody, stay out there ’til you get your buck … remember, don’t shoot at moving orange, or still orange or really anything that doesn’t have all the traits of a deer.


Mother’s Day flowers

Daffodils in the spring sunshine.
Daffodils shining in the spring sunshine and waving in the soft breeze. I planted 55 more daffodil bulbs this spring.
Hothouse flowers, a bouquet for mothers.
Hothouse flowers, a bouquet for mothers, I guess. I set it down on the floor in the sunshine by a glass door.
Love these clouds.
Love these clouds, a different kind of bouquet of color. This was taken May 3rd, now some green is starting.
Brightly yellow even if clouds block the sun daffodils.
Brightly yellow even if clouds block the sun, more daffodils.

You are an image in my mind, a stop action photo

I see you there and there, doing this, sitting there.

I remember…