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Photo Journey – this week’s best action shots

I’ve taken lots of photos with my little pocket digital camera. This week I decided to work on getting action shots outside in the Wisconsin snow focusing on some of my favorite things, my dogs and the birds. Here are … Continue reading

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Simple tips on gaining friendship

I saw this humorous list on facebook (no attribution given), changed it a bit and added a photo of mine with Max in the late summer. It actually is, possibly unfortunately, pretty much true. How’s your dog?

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Success, planning, life examined

Success, planning, life examined by Jeanine Renzoni It seems like the weather is the mother of fated armchair introspection, of course having an antenna that went out and so the TV doesn’t work helps too. Excessive cold makes it easier … Continue reading

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Snow monster – the devil’s in the details

The noise, loud exclamations coming from a small sturdy child in a pale pink with purple pockets and purple collared snow suit. She had red cheeks, pink Hello Kitty fleece hat on crooked and large brown eyes once she got … Continue reading

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Snow in the Morning – photos walking Wester Ave.

It isn’t really the first snow in Wisconsin until there’s enough dropped that it’s likely to stick for the season. I think this is likely to stick. Wester Avenue looks especially good in the new fallen snow – don’t you … Continue reading

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Novel, Dogs supportive??? – NaNoWriMo

I did not stay up until midnight so I could start writing at 12:01 a.m. for National Novel Writers Month. I did not skip breakfast or my morning workout. I figured, start as you plan to proceed, reasonable, practical, healthy, … Continue reading

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Journey on Daily Effort to Learn New Things

  I started this blog to practice writing, practice getting thoughts to screen (or paper as they used to say). I don’t know that practice necessarily makes you better, but it does make doing something easier. I’m doing the same … Continue reading

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