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Birth of Night

SunstJan302015 003aFast silent fire

Pervade, absorb, adore,

The sun so beloved,

Gleams down no more.

Dark clouds summit,

Pose with god-like style,

Yes we fear darkness,

But end of light beguiles…

I was driving west on highway 64 today as the sun set, turning the sky an amazing orange hue, so I pulled over letting traffic whoosh on by and took some photos out my car window. I liked the ceiling of clouds and the fact I could see the globe of the sun through the trees. Darkness is coming later and later here in northern Wisconsin, although tonight is forecast as another cold one.  — J. Renzoni


Sky show

I love dramatic sky, big clouds, contrasty colors, shifting shapes, and changing weather.

I used to like fireworks with the one time big display on the 4th of July. I always remember the time in Lohrville  when a big chrysanthemum-style explosion just barely cleared the pines. A good thing that the fire department was the one putting on the show.

As a kid in the robin’s egg blue station wagon, Dad always wanted to leave before the finale to avoid the traffic jam and we wanted to see the last big display. We could never see the flag in  explosive lights.

Now everyone has their own and they’re blowing them up before, on the day and during the week after. It’s too much. It’s like having ice cream for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It sounded like a war last night,  surrounded by crazy fireworks exploders. What’s the point? Everyone’s seen them, smelled them, breathed them, heard them and experienced the fireworks litter.

Tonight there was a different sky show after a foggy, rainy, muggy day the rain storm moved in and out for sunset.

cloudsJuly62014 005 cloudsJuly62014 008 cloudsJuly62014 010 cloudsJuly62014 011 cloudsJuly62014 016 cloudsJuly62014 018 cloudsJuly62014 002 cloudsJuly62014 004And it had everything, sprinkles, thunder, downpour, a rainbow when the sun broke through and amazing, changing clouds as sunset approached. Smelled fresh and no litter to pick up. I walked around outside wet and barefooted waiting for the clouds to flow into the next panorama – wow.


Pastel Morning – fickle sky

Pastel morning – fickle sky by Jeanine Renzoni

Fluffy snow fell overnight and the gods of color offered up pinks, peach and blues this morning. It was a balmy 11 degrees and rising so I headed back into the house for my camera.

The morning sky and colors change so fast, I lost much in my brief traverse. Then as I walked up and down the gravel, snow-covered road the clouds came in gray and broke up and finally overtook the blue, turning into a breezy, solid gray with light snow again.

Restarting normal, non-roadtrip life

I’ll never catch back up after my 10 days of vacation. There are too many do-it-now things to do. And the weather, what’s with the weather?

The grass and weeds are overtaking my landscaping, but I only have time to mow.

My horses need thorough brushing out, but I only have time to put up temporary pasture for grazing.

My desk needs a thorough sorting, but I only have time to write outlines and prep for the next classes.

My closet needs thinning, but I only have time to wash, dry and fold clothes.

The windows need washing, but I only have time to dust and vacuum.

triptoMasswithObe2013 022
Overlook by North Adams, Mass. photo by Jeanine Renzoni

And I need to write, but all I can think of is how many things need doing…which tomorrow I need to think about again.

Time passes, time passes…things get done and some things don’t get done.

Twenty days later … normal.

Looking back at this, vacation seems so long ago now and all the flurry is settled out. Although there are still a few weeds, now so many things are blooming it doesn’t seem to matter as much.

Blooming chives    photo by Jeanine Renzoni
Blooming chives photo by Jeanine Renzoni

I got the wind knots out of equine manes,  they scrubbed their own extra fur off rolling and rubbing – they are summer shiny and sleek.

The desk is still not de-cluttered.  Part of the windows have been washed. And writing? I’ve put some time writing on my dog training blog, but this is the first I’ve gotten back to my life on Wester Ave…oops.

But the weather…what is with the weather?

Rain, rain, go away.  Photo Jeanine Renzoni
Rain, rain, go away. Photo Jeanine Renzoni

Good morning brrr

Good morning, it’s the last day of warm weather at a couple of degrees above zero this morning. The real cold is moving in tonight with 20 below to 30 below expected for the next few days.

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The horses were charging around and snorting, either refreshed or upset needing to warm themselves with the crazy fluctuations of temperature, two days ago rain. Since it seemed to me that it was more towards the upset side, I gave them more hay and they settled into munching and blowing.

Heading towards change – weather

Clouds coming in.
Heading west on Hwy 21 after dinner, clouds coming in.

Looking at this I feel like driving summer-y and right now it’s winter-y in Wisconsin. Winter cold, blizzard, iced, windy, below zero frozen windows and doors, snow whirlwind driving is not the same as roll down the window, take a photo and let the breeze cool you off summer driving.

I read somewhere that the pictures on the wall should be two seasons ahead of the actual real season outside. If so then this photo return from the lake and family cottage vacation is timely.

It’s Hwy 21 leading home on a 90 degree evening and they are oo, ah, pretty clouds and sky and who cares what weather they bring.

Does having summery pictures help? Or is it just crazy escapism from the frozen reality?