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Birds of Winter-they eat, they leave, they complain if seeds are needed

Blue Jay, I think he saw me move.
Blue Jay said he wants more suet and more black sunflower seeds… and “what you look’in at?”
We've got more Blue Jays coming to the feeder than I've ever seen before.
I could give her my best profile or fly away, which will I do?

Sure they’re pretty, but so are plastic flowers. Plastic flowers have all the colors and they’ll stay where you put them all day. You want to get a photo, no problem. You want to get closer, absolutely clear and focused and use a flash, OK: they don’t immediately leave if you look at them or make a noise.

Add them to your bird feeder and your neighbors will be amazed. “Such color and they bloom in winter!” Henry Smith said as he dropped in yesterday.

“So do you have to heat the water? Give them black sunflower seeds, suet? Clean the feeder area regularly?”

None of the above. Mess free, problem free and color at your bird feeder at all times of the day and EVEN in the night!

But Henry whines that he really wants to see a bird.

Well, bird needed, try beanie babies Blue Jay, stays where you put it, wings out, wings in, interested and looking at photographer, no problem. And if you want to add realism, have your photos slightly out of focus.

Real birds fly away, duck down, like the non bright side. They just are never close enough long enough, here’s some examples:

I mean really, fake birds and fake blooms are so much easier…and more modern too.

Birds in your house? I bet you have some.  In the article below…well she’s getting some gorgeous cardinal photos and has the real deal tips.

Bird chime - the pink headed heron.
Bird chimes – the pink headed heron.

Trying to catch the elusive chickadee – the caped crusaders win again

Their taunting dee-dee-dee cries, warning all other little black caped crusaders to stay away from that yummy peanut butter encrusted photo lure because the photographer is lurking. Key word photographer, otherwise they don’t seem to care.I made a fake gingerbread house bird feeder to try to get the Chickadees to sit still long enough for my slow digital.

I made a fake gingerbread house bird feeder to try to get the Chickadees to sit still long enough for my slow digital efforts.

They initially made several forays in, landed in the shrubbery, dashed to the feeder but didn’t eat, moving constantly and flipping away. Then they realized I was trying to capture them – digitally.

This bird feeder came about because we had a  – make a gingerbread house over a 8 oz. carton of milk contest, at work. I don’t particularly like gingerbread houses. And my husband, seeing the empty milk carton on the counter, garbaged it.

So after some thoughts about skipping the contest entirely I came up with using a heel of homemade bread the size of the fated milk carton, smearing it with peanut butter and then using the various grains and seeds we had on hand, plus some dog biscuits to create a version for the birds.

Caught one, barely.
Caught one, barely.

For the indoor contest I added a branch with a beanie blue jay on top, so it hung outside the corner of my cubicle, daring people to knock it off. I didn’t see sunflower seeds on the carpet, so either the resident mice cleaned up or the plate worked.

Outside, after standing, as still as I could for 64 breaths (I didn’t want to move to look at my watch) and becoming really chilled, it’s 6F, I gave up, for now.   This isn’t the first time those Chickadees have thwarted my photographic efforts. They seem strangely camera shy.

Oatmeal roofing tiles, craisin soffits, whole wheat noodle perch.
Oatmeal roofing tiles, craisin soffits, whole wheat noodle perch.

Do you like Gingerbread houses? Should I give up my pursuit of the Chickadees?  I see them all the time. And are they telling me where to go in bird language?