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Slate Dragon Scale

    Slate gray dragon scale, feathered white flashing phoenix tail. Translucent ivory belly and under, pale pink beak, happy to plunder. Song a short trill, in flight a sharp buzzy tzeet, silly dark-eyed junco.     There are five sub-species groups … Continue reading

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Wind Chill 30 below … active northern birds

If I were a bird I think I’d fly south for the winter … but maybe not. Maybe the snow is exhilarating (that would be one word for it), maybe black sunflower seeds are so much tastier than warm, mushy … Continue reading

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Chickadees at My Feeder

Bold swoop, glimmer of wing and very proper coloring. Delirious laugh, dee dee dee, plays crazy winter tunes. Cold phoenix, the opposite of calm possessed. I click, click, click my shutter, randomly capture, un-capture Their happiness. Did you ever try … Continue reading

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Hay Field, robins and horses

It’s Friday afternoon, a sunny beautiful day beginning Memorial weekend. I walked out my backdoor and thought the horses looked stunning in front of the neighbor’s hay-field, which is (unlucky for him) blooming in mustard flowers. I took some photos … Continue reading

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It’s August Already

My gardening rules include all flowers need to have scent to be included here. The thing about this rule is it makes it a butterfly and hummingbird garden too. One of my favorites for outside scent is the stargazer lily, … Continue reading

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Large, sturdy songbirds – Blue Jays

Blue Jays have come to the feeder in great numbers, five at once, this morning. I love it, of course as soon as I was back with the camera the quintet disappeared. Blue Jays are a crow relative in the … Continue reading

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Red Cardinal in snow

Typically gorgeous cardinal with a particularly perky topknot above the remnants of a red pepper plant creates a lovely contrast to the white flakes and our rustic brown bird feeder.

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Finches in the foggy morning

Finches came to the feeder in a large flock on this foggy, gray January thaw day. They stayed for maybe five minutes eating black sunflower seeds. There were some goldfinches and some purple finches, but they were being  less photogenic. … Continue reading

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Birds of Winter-they eat, they leave, they complain if seeds are needed

Sure they’re pretty, but so are plastic flowers. Plastic flowers have all the colors and they’ll stay where you put them all day. You want to get a photo, no problem. You want to get closer, absolutely clear and focused … Continue reading

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Trying to catch the elusive chickadee – the caped crusaders win again

Their taunting dee-dee-dee cries, warning all other little black caped crusaders to stay away from that yummy peanut butter encrusted photo lure because the photographer is lurking. Key word photographer, otherwise they don’t seem to care. I made a fake … Continue reading

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