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After my visit to the eye doctor I ordered new glasses with new frames … this level of clarity cost over $700. I’ve read thousands of pages, watched hundreds of hours of video on animal training and applied it … … Continue reading

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Walking In the Rain

As a challenge and as a puzzle, I grabbed words from a magnetic word stack, they were: delight, fragrance, bare, water, rain, want, merry, good, cross, above, bell, grace, music, should & awake. A word stack of randomness to make truth of in a … Continue reading

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Right to health? Health and interventions are not the same.

Right to health, what? What do you mean by right to health? Right to medical intervention is not the same as health, in fact it’s far from it. Access to preventative screenings is several steps closer to giving people the … Continue reading

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Learning mastery

My asking has celestial life in the shadowy garden still. I once read it took at least 10,000 hours or maybe a lifetime to become a master of whatever you’re trying to master. It’s not possible at 10 minutes or … Continue reading

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Naturally Curious

Follow what makes you naturally curious; It will lead you to your passions and purpose.  –author unknown  

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Pursuit of Happiness

I started out with nothing. I still have most of it. – Michael Davis That’s a weird quote, it’s funny, kind of, because you picture – whatever you picture that is funny to you. And how can you still have … Continue reading

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Snow, fog, sun

Look to this day!… For yesterday is but a dream. And tomorrow is only a vision. But today well lived Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness And tomorrow a vision of hope.                      — Kalidasa

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Have heart, have palpitations

Back in September, on a very early Monday morning I decided to go the emergency room for possible heart problems. I felt it was probably just a waste of a fairly large chunk of money ($1424 for labs, EKG, physician, … Continue reading

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Movie violence = real violence?

Does watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world? this is the DPChallenge: Mind the Gap. What inspires? What inspires you? Is it self-actualization or is it the need for basic shelter, food, existence or someplace in between? So … Continue reading

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Wester Avenue critters – salute to A. A. Milne

“Hallo, Rabbit,” he said, “is that you?” “Let’s pretend it isn’t,” said Rabbit, “and see what happens.”                        — A. A. Milne The snow, deep as it is, has a lovely crust that invites … Continue reading

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