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Tamiasciurus hudsonicus


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After my visit to the eye doctor I ordered new glasses with new frames … this level of clarity cost over $700. I’ve read thousands of pages, watched hundreds of hours of video on animal training and applied it … … Continue reading

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Asked/Answered, Irritating People by Informing Them

Do you ever reply to questions in Internet groups you’re in? You’re not one of those people who says stupid stuff, are you? I guess I am… I wrote a reply to a woman who had posted a horse handling … Continue reading

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In Bloom – enjoying outdoors

My Year in Bloom by Jeanine Renzoni My year in flowers starts with violas or daffodils. I’m not sure why one or the other wins the race to bloom first. Is it daylight or snow melt or soil heat? Both … Continue reading

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Hay Field, robins and horses

It’s Friday afternoon, a sunny beautiful day beginning Memorial weekend. I walked out my backdoor and thought the horses looked stunning in front of the neighbor’s hay-field, which is (unlucky for him) blooming in mustard flowers. I took some photos … Continue reading

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Finding crows

As a teenager I looked early every spring to see if I could find a crow’s nest. My intent was to climb up and steal one of their babies. I wanted a crow for a pet. My brother and I … Continue reading

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My watercolor art – I thought I’d create a haiku explanation. It seems that the same event, viewed at the same time creates different emotions in all of us. Only time reveals the most correct response, which is then boggled by differing memories. For … Continue reading

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Spring Flowers Muck Below

Here today in Wisconsin sunshine, above freezing and the dusting of snow we had this week is all gone (except for in deep shadows). Yesterday I was in the winter horse paddock with my high yellow boots on, adding fence. … Continue reading

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Ice Creatures

We’re back to cold in Wisconsin – 7 degrees overnight and a high that barely skirts the 20s. Our brief springlike weather has blown over. But there is some melting, dripping, ice forming in the bright sunlight and that’s where … Continue reading

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Right to health? Health and interventions are not the same.

Right to health, what? What do you mean by right to health? Right to medical intervention is not the same as health, in fact it’s far from it. Access to preventative screenings is several steps closer to giving people the … Continue reading

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