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Tamiasciurus hudsonicus


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Asked/Answered, Irritating People by Informing Them

Do you ever reply to questions in Internet groups you’re in? You’re not one of those people who says stupid stuff, are you? I guess I am… I wrote a reply to a woman who had posted a horse handling … Continue reading

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On Beer and Mice

On Mice and Beer Rodent sewer lungs, Mouse track spyro gyro, Death in a beer, Effluvia, mother of ferment. First draft. Leave a beer bottle open in the workshop and irresponsible vermin take a bath in it. It was easier … Continue reading

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Simple tips on gaining friendship

I saw this humorous list on facebook (no attribution given), changed it a bit and added a photo of mine with Max in the late summer. It actually is, possibly unfortunately, pretty much true. How’s your dog?

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Fall is Seven Grass Snakes roadkill

This morning walking down the gravel road, Wester Avenue in Taylor County Wisconsin I counted seven squished grass snakes and one red bellied snake, two road toad skins, but then I quit looking down because geese were flying over in … Continue reading

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If you don’t want dementia, log in a gratitude journal

I’ve noticed that gratitude is often born out of misadventure, maybe that’s why it wards off dementia. I mean, there are choices; remember the problems and spin them into gratitude examples – ‘optimism r us’ or remember the problems, but … Continue reading

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Saturday morning cat tricks

Every morning when I come in after my walk with the dogs, as I’m climbing the steps Smokey dashes to the bar stools and proceeds to stare at me. If he is late in his dash, or if you are … Continue reading

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Gun fire a block away – it’s deer season again in Wisconsin

Orange coat, no white (check), stay in yard or go to town (check), orange vest on dog (check), and horses in close pasture (check), all for the joys of gun deer season in the country (for the next 9 days). … Continue reading

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Have horse will travel – what have you done lately?

Hornets, blown out tires, random farmer pit crew-like help, is this trip ‘doomed?’  Reggie swims most of a river trip, alcohol laden friend with expansive ideas on the amount of time available in the day and really sore muscles. Memorable, … Continue reading

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Road trip thru 7 states! I’m back.

I still feel the road, instead of jet lagged I’m car lagged. Even though I only got realigned by one hour of Eastern time zone by spending eight days there, my body’s confused today.  Rise and shine, it’s 5:30 am. … Continue reading

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