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In Bloom – enjoying outdoors

My Year in Bloom by Jeanine Renzoni My year in flowers starts with violas or daffodils. I’m not sure why one or the other wins the race to bloom first. Is it daylight or snow melt or soil heat? Both … Continue reading

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It’s August Already

My gardening rules include all flowers need to have scent to be included here. The thing about this rule is it makes it a butterfly and hummingbird garden too. One of my favorites for outside scent is the stargazer lily, … Continue reading

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Have heart, have palpitations

Back in September, on a very early Monday morning I decided to go the emergency room for possible heart problems. I felt it was probably just a waste of a fairly large chunk of money ($1424 for labs, EKG, physician, … Continue reading

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Super-cold returns, we’re coping

Thirty below forecast for Monday night and things are being cancelled. It’s too cold to take the chance on travel, especially when it’s optional. Things break, break down, freeze up and generally don’t work as well in this kind of … Continue reading

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Is it the last weekend of summer? What did you do on your summer vacation?

“It’s hot out, it can’t be the last weekend of summer,” she wailed inside her head as she viewed the ripe tomatoes, picked up the apples on the ground, pulled some of the weeds with fluffy seed heads and the … Continue reading

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Maybe we’re a hobby farm

Maybe we’re a hobby farm. Maybe. We don’t sell our produce, but we do supply ourselves with vegetables, herbs and fruit throughout most of the year. We do concentrated gardening in raised beds from re-claimed lumber and boards from a … Continue reading

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Roll in pollen while the sun shines

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Restarting normal, non-roadtrip life

I’ll never catch back up after my 10 days of vacation. There are too many do-it-now things to do. And the weather, what’s with the weather? The grass and weeds are overtaking my landscaping, but I only have time to … Continue reading

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Snow in May!

Here in the North, we had just started to believe spring was finally taking hold after a long, white season. The last of the huge snow piles are melted, the ice is out on many of the lakes, the grass … Continue reading

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Out the door, in the door what do I see – Take Two

But the real story is, see that large more than man-sized raised bed outside. It’s cold, overcast and windy outside today and not beautiful. Yesterday the warm-ish weather melted most of the snow. Going out the kitchen door onto the … Continue reading

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