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Right to health? Health and interventions are not the same.

Right to health, what? What do you mean by right to health? Right to medical intervention is not the same as health, in fact it’s far from it. Access to preventative screenings is several steps closer to giving people the … Continue reading

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If you don’t want dementia, log in a gratitude journal

I’ve noticed that gratitude is often born out of misadventure, maybe that’s why it wards off dementia. I mean, there are choices; remember the problems and spin them into gratitude examples – ‘optimism r us’ or remember the problems, but … Continue reading

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Have heart, have palpitations

Back in September, on a very early Monday morning I decided to go the emergency room for possible heart problems. I felt it was probably just a waste of a fairly large chunk of money ($1424 for labs, EKG, physician, … Continue reading

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Saturday morning cat tricks

Every morning when I come in after my walk with the dogs, as I’m climbing the steps Smokey dashes to the bar stools and proceeds to stare at me. If he is late in his dash, or if you are … Continue reading

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Six Senses – mindful use or just forget about it

How many people here have telekenetic powers? Raise my hand.      – Emo Philips The sixth sense in movies is woo woo, something psychic or ghostly. I think we’ve just been overlooking the importance of additional senses.  We get stuck in … Continue reading

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Helplessness – perish the thought

If tears are a waste of time, well ticktock. If fear causes panic, well prepare to be hurt. I’d rather try stuff and fail than say I was helpless to do anything about it, even if it turns out I … Continue reading

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Immortalized in stone – visit an Atlanta cemetery

The smog from the cars on a late afternoon, commuter packed highway made me slow down for my lungs sake and look for somewhere better to hike. I was in Atlanta for meetings back in the 90s, I had some time … Continue reading

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Heavy, Amazing Frost visited Wester Ave last night

Monochromatic adds a new and different view of the world. It’s not hard to envision the Snow Queen swooping in to land behind her team of swans, although it seemed more like she’d be pulled by ravens. There was a … Continue reading

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It’s 3 o’clock, time to play with the horses

Well, I’m back inside after the horse play session. Today we did ‘touch’ and then ‘pick up’ the jolly ball (it’s a 10″ diameter horse proof ball, that can be squashed or bitten and it still returns to round). Lie … Continue reading

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Chickadees caught my attention – NaNoWriMo procrastination #3

And that was the problem, these tidy little birds so busily finding spruce pine cone seeds were just too fast for me. Except for one that abandoned the pines and reclined in almost a sunlit dappled spot. Each time I … Continue reading

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