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Camera toting, dog trainer, cat trainer, horse trainer, flower gardener, book reader, always finding something new to be interested in and research. My newest undertaking is my new pup and all the training that goes with raising him. I must get back to painting watercolors in my art room. Finished and looking for new ones in the library's DVD collection. About me ... Dog trainer for over 40 years, multiple obedience titles on many dogs, showed in conformation, ran a grooming shop, trained lots of people and dogs. Also have a BS Nutrition, CRD, CTM, AKC CGC evaluator, was NAHQ, was licensed in life/health insurance, long-term care consultant for 25+ years, Covey facilitator, team trainer, project manager, R+ trainer for people, etc ... you could say I believe in qualifications variety.

Liken Lichen

The Opposite of Succulent Wild Life Symbiotic association. Algae and fungi. Food, dye, medication. Grow so slowly. Substrate, skull of deer. Making, on that so iconic symbol of death;  white sun-bleached skull bones, A new vegetative life. I like it. Green, … Continue reading

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Tamiasciurus hudsonicus


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Slate Dragon Scale

    Slate gray dragon scale, feathered white flashing phoenix tail. Translucent ivory belly and under, pale pink beak, happy to plunder. Song a short trill, in flight a sharp buzzy tzeet, silly dark-eyed junco.     There are five sub-species groups … Continue reading

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Wind Chill 30 below … active northern birds

If I were a bird I think I’d fly south for the winter … but maybe not. Maybe the snow is exhilarating (that would be one word for it), maybe black sunflower seeds are so much tastier than warm, mushy … Continue reading

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Photo Journey – this week’s best action shots

I’ve taken lots of photos with my little pocket digital camera. This week I decided to work on getting action shots outside in the Wisconsin snow focusing on some of my favorite things, my dogs and the birds. Here are … Continue reading

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Chickadees at My Feeder

Bold swoop, glimmer of wing and very proper coloring. Delirious laugh, dee dee dee, plays crazy winter tunes. Cold phoenix, the opposite of calm possessed. I click, click, click my shutter, randomly capture, un-capture Their happiness. Did you ever try … Continue reading

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After my visit to the eye doctor I ordered new glasses with new frames … this level of clarity cost over $700. I’ve read thousands of pages, watched hundreds of hours of video on animal training and applied it … … Continue reading

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Asked/Answered, Irritating People by Informing Them

Do you ever reply to questions in Internet groups you’re in? You’re not one of those people who says stupid stuff, are you? I guess I am… I wrote a reply to a woman who had posted a horse handling … Continue reading

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Walking In the Rain

As a challenge and as a puzzle, I grabbed words from a magnetic word stack, they were: delight, fragrance, bare, water, rain, want, merry, good, cross, above, bell, grace, music, should & awake. A word stack of randomness to make truth of in a … Continue reading

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Walking Down Wester Ave Taking Pictures

Pale blue sky and colored leaves above a gravel road. The sounds of Blue Jays crying and very oddly, the clear, loud howl of a coyote. Weird that. Coyotes sing almost every night, but I haven’t heard any in the morning, ever, on … Continue reading

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