About Wester Avenue and me

We live on the east end of a one-mile-long gravel road called Wester Avenue in up-north Wisconsin (up north is north of Hwy 29). It’s misplaced on electronic mapping systems and easily passed by, by most people. It Ts into Castle on the east and Sunset Road on the west. If it were a dead-end road it would have less traffic.IMG_0122

I spend most of the fun part of my days as a dog activity planner, horse feeder/rider, and cat cushion.SmokeyjumpingOct2013 004






I left the corporate world 10 years ago.

Now I’m more local which includes: Flowers&peppersJuly2012 007Intensive gardener with  husband, I do the fruit, landscapes with fruit trees and shrubs and other plants that have blooms and scent. I read all the time , do artwork in bursts and did my debut singing a song I made up Jan 2013 (roasting one of our horse club members) and playing guitar and continued in 2014 with words and smooth chord transitions for song/roast #2. In 2016 I learned some basic ukulele chords and performed ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ at my brother’s memorial in Aug 2016. His death has impacted my writing … as in, I quit writing for pleasure.

Most days I traverse Wester Avenue and it changes daily…little changes. I like noticing them with my camera.Sunrise Dec 18,2011 001

I still write –  I’m from Irish stock. I’d like to get back to posting in this blog (today is 2/24/18).

I used to be overly food/health conscious, perhaps that never really goes away. I quit being strictly vegetarian, haven’t actually donated all my cookbooks even though they are just taking up space,  and I did let my scale’s batteries go and stay dead.

Last year there was more color earlier, this is from Sept. 25th.
This is from Sept. 25th.

To contact Jeanine; jeaninerenzoni@gmail.com or see facebook;Gentle Touch Dog Training


18 thoughts on “About Wester Avenue and me

  1. Nice blog! Some of my favorite recent photos were in Northern WI and the U.P. My friend is alo participating in NaNoWriMo this year…another Wisconsinite. If you are interested, her blog is http://www.xenogirl.com. There’s no such thing as too much support and encouragement, right? 🙂

    1. Yeah, I agree. There’s a family on down our road who feels that this gravel road has gotten too populated so they’re looking. Your recent trip to Switzerland seems like quite a different experience than where you live now. But sand, sun and sea has benefits.:)

      1. I know what you mean – less civilized… we are sitting on top of eachother – especially in the center of Germany… so I am toying with the idea of Sweden – where I have lived 4 years in the 90′
        Amazing how everything seems to change with age… 🙂

      2. Less people is always good… Sweden is definitely on the board, just put in for a position in Holland… see how we go… came back to Germany in 2001 and after a short while – didn’t know why anymore…. if you catch my drift…

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