Tamiasciurus hudsonicus

There are many things I wish to say, usually from 10 to 20 feet away. Noisy I’m heard, look it’s not a bird. I have a favorite eat-on stump, spruce and pine cone shucks by bushel piles dump.                   Photo: J Renzoni


Four to six inches of bushy tail, 7-8 inches body to nose  … active all year, I don’t doze. Tufts on my ears,  in the winter part of the years. Tunnels in the snow … you never know where I’ll go.
Paler fur in winter yellowish or reddish…. belly is whitish. Twenty teeth … good grief.  I’m a fellow out in day, but occasionally out at night … what can I say.                     photo: J. Renzoni


My home range is 200 yards across or less,  up to 10 of us per acre – less is best. Territorial quite memorable. Mating in Feb – Mar … now, and again in June – July, holy cow.  Thirty-eight days later 2-7 little ones I can’t deny.                  Photo: J. Renzoni
For up to 10 years, almost anything I eat … seeds, nuts, eggs, fungi, but not meat … and store it too. Red Squirrel (Spruce Squirrel) 7 – 8.75 oz, too small for squirrel stew.      Photo: J. Renzoni

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