Finding crows

watercolorcrows 001
Watercolor  11 X15 Strathmore 140lb cold press paper, vision of a crow family.

As a teenager I looked early every spring to see if I could find a crow’s nest. My intent was to climb up and steal one of their babies. I wanted a crow for a pet. My brother and I scouted the woods. Crows nest very high. Very high.

I had raised a pigeon and taught her quite a few things. She even went to school with me one day. She liked riding on top of cars as they left the school grounds where we lived. Then she stayed with my grandmother when we went somewhere for an extended period and grandmother apparently released her to her resident flock of barn pigeons. Back to the wild for Freedom. I grew taller and the next time we saw her she landed on my younger brother’s shoulder instead of mine and he was surprised. Scared her. She never came down to us again, despite frequent attempts to cajole her. She’d just look, pace and coo.

I never found a crow’s nest that was anywhere near accessible. Probably lucky me. One year we did find an easily looked at blue jay’s nest with three eggs in a red pine tree, however they are a protected species. It’s changed since back then, crows now are also protected by the migratory birds law. Every once in a while, I still think longingly of crows especially when the local gathering gets rowdy. Such smart, irritating and funny birds.



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