Snow crystals

Zero and sunshine, low light fog, no breeze, perfect for Jack Frost. Northern Wisconsin in November, pretty and cold.


2 thoughts on “Snow crystals

  1. So I’m an ardent follower of your blog, as well as a follower of “1 Smart GSD Owner” and just finished reading your comment, which was all thought out and, in my mind, correct. I too have used a prong collar and later thought that it was a mistake. I believe that it has limited use, and reliance on it can damage the relationship between canine and human. Thank you for saying it so eloquently.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, you have eased my mind. I was hesitant to even say anything about the topic because of it being fraught with so much ‘strong opinion.’ I started, stopped, erased and re-wrote aiming for clarity. Not trying to clarify things seems to be a wrong, too. But yes, in the past I have used them – all of the aversive tools, I would be very unlikely to now or in the future since I now know and have better tools and methods. Thanks again for the feedback.

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