Saturday morning cat tricks

Every morning when I come in after my walk with the dogs, as I’m climbing the steps Smokey dashes to the bar stools and proceeds to stare at me.CattricksMar1512014 002

If he is late in his dash, or if you are in his way, he may do a cat bumper crash to get through – this is very important to him. He jumps up onto one of the stools and checks to see if you are watching.CattricksMar1512014 001

Then he proceeds to jump from one stool to the other,  expecting kitty treats for his endeavors. (FYI I just give him bits of a different kind of kitty chow as a treat, a high end ‘free sample.’ Cats have very specific nutritional needs and they really like to choose different food even if the current kibble is completely nourishing). The teal hoop is part of his repertoire.

But I’ve gotten tired of the same old trick just like he has of his regular chow, so I changed up what is getting rewarded. He complained a little and threw in a couple of leaps for free.

CattricksMar1512014 004CattricksMar1512014 005CattricksMar1512014 006Today’s trick is high five. Cats like to touch your fingertip if it’s extended (just like dogs like to touch your palm). They’ll reach with their paw or their nose.

Some cats will eat from your hand. Smokey tends to like it better if I put the treat down on the chair after he sniffs it.

We’ll work on this trick for a while, then incorporate it into the stool and hoop jumping one.

Do you have your cat do any tricks? Pre-breakfast furry entertainment, and I do mean furry, the shedding season has begun.


It would be great to hear from you!

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