Sea (Ice) Caves on Lake Superior

We’ve heard it’s quite impressive, great ice and there are lots of people going to see them, so if you don’t want to have an extremely long hike in you’ve got to get there early on a weekday.

Yesterday (Thurs. Feb13th) up at 5am to get ready to leave at 6am on a road trip to see the ice in the sea caves on Lake Superior. We’re kinda stuffed into one vehicle – five of us and two dogs for just over a three-hour drive, but with the snow coming down and the roads messy it took until 10am to get there (about 4 hours).

Yah, we turned into Meyer’s Beach Road and parked in the parking lot just above the lake, more cars driving in steadily filling the lot while we ready for the hike.

It’s still snowing, lightly, overcast, about 15 degrees with forecast of going up into the 20’s. There’s a mile and a quarter hike along Lake Superior’s beach to get to the first caves.  The snow is packed with some fluff on top, it’s an easy hike.

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The caves continue for about another mile and a half. If you go into each one, take photos or otherwise explore it takes a while. We quit exploring and photographing at about noon – grouped up and had a snack/ice picnic, then started the hike back to the car.

The journey back showed a whole new view, one of lots of kids and tourists, some people in tennis shoes (what were they thinking?). The walking was crowded and none of the views were without folks. But I was done taking photos anyway.

We got back to Meyer’s Beach, tried to find a porta-pottie in the dozen or so there that included reasonable cleanliness and toilet paper … not easy. Changed out of our sweaty clothes, changed sock/boots and headed out, cars were parked along the side of the road for another mile (maybe more). We drove back to Bayfield and had a late lunch (2:30) at Maggies – delicious. I had a black and blue burger (black Angus and blue cheese).

It continued to snow on an off. We got home at 6pm, a great 12 hour day trip.


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