Super-cold returns, we’re coping

Thirty below forecast for Monday night and things are being cancelled. It’s too cold to take the chance on travel, especially when it’s optional. Things break, break down, freeze up and generally don’t work as well in this kind of weather.

Add 10 inches of snow and you'll know what fetching looked like today.
Add 10 inches of snow and you’ll know what fetching looked like today.

My freeze-free hydrant froze up, so I’m sledding in the water to the horses.  Which, while a hassle, is not a very hard workout since it’s all downhill from the house freeze-free faucet. I have a large black packing sled that can carry two really big, clean muck buckets two-thirds full (fill them deeper and water sloshes all over – sloshing not good in cold weather).

The snow is over knee-deep so I used my snowshoes to start packing in a straight trail (no need to add any extra distance pulling the loaded sled).

The horses are going through hay at a fast rate and they need plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Basically they look good and seem happy, this next polar blast though makes me worry about the stress on the older ones.

In our house, heated by cost ever-rising (went up $1.39 per gallon last week) and more unavailable propane (200 gallon rationing), we have closed off rooms, added insulation over the sliding door and turned down the heat. A local propane distributor has suggested that electric heat may be the best option, however if everyone using propane has to go to electric…

It snowed today again and the wind was very blustery. The snow piles look like the old-time photos – very tall. At least the snow is insulating my perennials. The indoor forced bulbs are torquing out.

I do remember some other very cold winters with stretches of super cold, but I’m starting to wish for spring. Or maybe a trip south.


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