It’s so pretty I hate it

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Each year as fall fools us with its beauty, its color, its sheer magnificence I keep thinking of cold, dark, gray chilling weather to come. Mud, ice, wind-driven cold rain – that’s what’s on its way soon. We won’t have many non-coat days left. The leaves will blow down and all the color will be gone.

But glory in it while it lasts. Get in those rides and hikes and drives and be amazed at the colors.



2 thoughts on “It’s so pretty I hate it

  1. There is the beautiful new blanket of crystally snow; spruce sagging under it weight, the squeak under you feet, the utter silence in the woods, big fluffy snowflakes falling quietly to the ground, tracks everywhere from our animal community and the ability to hike freely across marshes, bogs, fields and along backwoods trails. A full moon lights up the the world to almost daylight with dark shadows against the snow. There are no bugs, no bears and almost no people out. The world becomes your own private park. As Calvin Rutstram said,”Paradise below Zero”.

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