Is it the last weekend of summer? What did you do on your summer vacation?

“It’s hot out, it can’t be the last weekend of summer,” she wailed inside her head as she viewed the ripe tomatoes, picked up the apples on the ground, pulled some of the weeds with fluffy seed heads and the grass hoppers scattered in waves at every step.

“But I didn’t even really swim in the lake yet. I didn’t go horse camping. I didn’t ride bike enough. My legs are white!,” luckily she still kept it as only internal talk.

So what did you do this summer? I seem to have missed out on many of the usual things I would have expected to have done.

It stayed cold forever and then it rained like we were in monsoon territory through June. I took on the dog project for 4H and that took a huge chunk of my free time because of all the preparation: Making agility equipment, buying agility equipment, and setting up the training, hauling stuff and then teaching agility, obedience and showmanship to 4-Hers. I’m pretty good with PVC construction as a result. I also started training a couple of horses. So that was May, June and July.

So now it’s August. It got real cool the first week of August and of course that was vacation time when swimming would have been part of the agenda.  It seems like the only really new thing I did this month happened yesterday. I tried out a new mushroom – commonly called meadow mushroom.

I’m very hesitant about picking wild mushrooms and then eating them even with an experienced mushroom hunter and then backup verification in the mushroom guide-book. But we’ve got these nice mushrooms coming up in my agility yard and they’re edible and choice according to my experienced mushroom friend and the mushroom guide-book. So far I’m not poisoned, yippee!

I’d take a picture of them and show you, but as I said mushroom identification is iff-y and I don’t want anyone to make mistakes and eat a poisonous one that looks so similar. I made the mistake of reading more pages than I should have in the guide-book and increased my paranoia about wild mushroom mistakes.

Have you ever hunted wild mushrooms? What kinds did you eat?




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