Snow in May!

Here in the North, we had just started to believe spring was finally taking hold after a long, white season. The last of the huge snow piles are melted, the ice is out on many of the lakes, the grass is making a gargantuan attempt to rise up green in the pasture, daylight is way longer and the robins are crazily serenading into the twilight.SnowydayMay22013 010 Gardening seemed imminent.

SnowydayMay22013 001 SnowydayMay22013 002 SnowydayMay22013 003 SnowydayMay22013 005 SnowydayMay22013 006a SnowydayMay22013 008 But not today. Today the garden hose looks out-of-place. Today the robins are softly, disappointed chirping. Today the onion sets and garden seeds seem ill-advised. And will this just melt away? Maybe, after the sleet-rain covered weekend. Bah, humbug…wait, is Xmas coming?


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