Ditch snow – getting the good shot DP challenge

The forecast is for more snow, just what we needed, so I’m photographing snow from more angles as per the DP Challenge. OK DP didn’t say anything about snow, but snow is what I’ve got. It was sunny to start with this morning, but clouded over and turned into a partially cloudy day. No freezing rain.

I started out with a telephoto shot from normal height looking down the road. Then because I liked the sunlight on the snow in the ditch I stepped down into it (which isn’t far because the snow is so deep and crusty) and took a hip height shot. I thought it might look better if it was done from lower, so lower I went.

The last shot I took on a different day, love the sky color blue and the giant whiteness of the plowed snow – that was just snow from the end of a private driveway–not the real road or anything. I was kneeling and so the camera was probably hip height.

The trick to putting the camera in lower locations is keeping the horizon straight…mmm which is even trickier when the power poles are tilted. But I think I like the first telephoto shot because I like the longer view, then the second ditch shot because of the sunlight on the snow, but it might be that I’m getting snow-verwhelmed and need different perspectives to make it interesting.

So far nobody driving on our road has stopped to help me up. 😉 I wonder what they think I’m doing?


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