Thorny fence ; DPphoto challenge

Lost in the details, photo challenge:

Old barbed wire fence
Old barbed wire fence

Barbed wire fencing, the thorny fence or the Devil’s rope invented and patented beginning with Michael Kelly in November 1868 and ending with Joseph Glidden in November 1874 (Glidden’s is the fence that has mostly remained in use-two strand with the barbs locked in place).

This kind of fence  helped farmers and ranchers ‘tame’ the land. It was cheap, easy to put up and effective in keeping livestock contained and still remains in many areas along Wester Avenue. It basically changed life back then, and now is receding into history, because along with the disappearance of the small dairies goes the need for cattle containment in thorny fenced fields.

Although, not on Wester yet, but some other areas that used to be accessible for crossing are now fenced with the Devil’s rope to keep people out.


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