It’s March – Old beginning

Waiting for the delivery of warmer weather.

Waiting for the delivery of warmer weather.

The word ‘March’ comes from the Roman ‘Martius’. Originally the first month of the Roman calendar and named after Mars, the god of war.

March was the beginning of our calendar year. The change to the ‘New Style’ or ‘Gregorian‘ calendar took from mid-1500s to 1923 for Greece as different countries adopted it at different times starting with papal decree, and it is only since then that the year began on the 1st of January.

The road to Spring...

The road to Spring…

The Anglo-Saxons called the month Hlyd monath which means Stormy month, or Hraed monath which means Rugged month.

Welcome to you March!

Insulated garden.

Insulated garden.


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Camera toting, dog trainer, cat trainer, horse trainer, flower gardener, book reader, always finding something new to be interested in and research. My newest undertaking is my new pup and all the training that goes with raising him. I must get back to painting watercolors in my art room. Finished and looking for new ones in the library's DVD collection. About me ... Dog trainer for over 40 years, multiple obedience titles on many dogs, showed in conformation, ran a grooming shop, trained lots of people and dogs. Also have a BS Nutrition, CRD, CTM, AKC CGC evaluator, was NAHQ, was licensed in life/health insurance, long-term care consultant for 25+ years, Covey facilitator, team trainer, project manager, R+ trainer for people, etc ... you could say I believe in qualifications variety.
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2 Responses to It’s March – Old beginning

  1. Wow, looks pretty much the same as my view. Warm weather, we are ready for you . . . .

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