Reality Blog Award – yippee!

Lisalday111711 received the REALITY Blog Award, congrats and she has passed it on by nominating me. Thank you for the honor. The Reality is energizing and amazing. I’m so touched…

The requirements for this blog award are:

1. Show appreciation to the blogger who nominated you, Thank you Lisa Day and link back to them in this post 

2. Add the award logo to your blog.(see above)

3. Share seven things about yourself:  (1)I swam competitively in college for three years – free style and butterfly mostly, the relay team I was on set several records, our team name the first year was Squid Squad;(2) I’m a dietary flexatarian – mostly vegetarian and have a huge collection of cookbooks;(3) I like Scrabble, but never played in on computer. A couple of months ago I was involved in my first Scrabble competition. Computer play has an advantage – you get lots more training – aka cheaters;(4) I played bassoon in high school, I liked it after initially being resistant to changing over from clarinet – I was the new kid and the band director blackmailed me into playing it, but this meant that whenever we marched I had to play various non-bassoon instruments like cymbals, triangle, flag – basically I was a marching mascot;(5) I hate writing menus for institutions, but being a dietitian kind of puts that into play – its much more fun to blame someone else for those; (6) I can play music (flute) on my hands – basically its knowing how to hold them and where to blow. I learned it ‘cuz the kids in Florida – North Ft Meyers could do it, and we were in a crash on Thanksgiving ’69 when an ambulance ran into us and so my brother and I had a huge amount of time waiting in the back seat of the robin’s egg blue station wagon for a tow truck; (7) I seem to like to collect vintage coats – I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m putting a stop to it…I think.

4. The bloggers (minimum of 5) I admire and so I nominate for this award are as follows: are eight bloggers talking about and as college kids. Heather’s photography, lovely sunsets, flowers, smiles and brief descriptive paragraphs. is a blog with quotes illustrating/introducing contemplations about education and the educational system

Ailsa of Where’s my backpack provides gorgeous photos and satisfying writing about travel. provides stories about life and music and a video of a piano piece being performed.

5. Contact chosen bloggers and let them know

All the best to everyone! Love your REALITY


It would be great to hear from you!

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