Saturday morning thoughts – out the window

Looking out on an otherwise unremarkable view, or maybe it is remarkable if you’re not used to seeing a field and a treeline out your window, there is a 300 foot tower, looming over the landscape with a strobe light at the top, red lights flashing warning during dark times, round dishes facing differing compass points, long diagonal cables anchoring it to the field at each 50 foot section and a small, fenced in terminal house at the base.

Sometimes I think it’s pretty – in an Erector set, Eiffel tower kind of way. Sometimes I think it’s an eyesore, bird killer, spying enabler attempt to move cold metal into the rural landscape. Sometimes it’s just a way marker, like a stack of stones gone ‘postal.’ Sometimes it’s just ignored, not interesting, it never moves or changes, really.Jan42013 001But there it is, in the dawn light, in the day light, in the evening making light. Something that wouldn’t have been there 10 years ago, it’s a modern view.


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