Horses tolerating temperature changes, with a little help

All I can say is, I’m in awe. It rained, it froze and now its below zero and there’s a wind chill tonight expected below 30F and horses just deal with it by eating dry bales of hay. More hay than usual, but really. I’d be dead frozen, with all my extra layers of clothes on.

HorsesblanketedFeb12013 001a
All four horses coming out of their run-in shed that serves as a wind break and sunning area.
HorsesblanketedFeb12013 002
Chrissy’s blanket fits really well and has some nice quick fasteners, which is always good since I seem to put it on when its yucky out and I want to do it quickly. Cola is not as pleased with his turquoise one and there are teeth marks to prove it.
HorsesblanketedFeb12013 003
Sham likes his real well despite its tendency to tilt.

I did blanket them, always do especially if the weather includes freezing rain or rapid chilling and wind. And they mostly like the blankets then, otherwise it’s get these off please. This morning their muzzles were frosted as were their eyelashes, each hair white and stiff. Me, I had my sheepskin hat pulled way down and my widest, longest scarf wrapped way up and I was still having trouble blinking (in real cold it hurts and eyelashes stick with each blink). My fingers were rapidly becoming painful despite heavy gloves. My legs becoming frozen slabs despite the snow pants.

This afternoon at 3:30, when I took the photos, it’s warmer than it was this morning, but still really cold and breezy. The sky is starting to cloud over in an interesting fan-like pattern instead of being clear blue.HorsesblanketedFeb12013 004

Are you a good winter weather survivor? Or a warm blanket couch potato?


It would be great to hear from you!

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