But I was starving – shipwrecked

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

But look there’s a guy over there, cut him up, what do you think?

Good bye Richard Parker, tasty Mr. Parker, the law of survival stinks.

The horizon showed, well, the horizon. Endless salt water, waves, blue sky and blazing sun. No beer, no ice, no umbrella, but we’ve got turnips and a raw sea turtle. Yum.

Raw, probably somewhat moldy, shriveled turnips, maybe if I was

English: Turnips (Brassica rapa) Français : Na...

real hungry I’d eat turnips. I do like them roasted, but there is no cooking fire included in this small, ‘got nothing in it for supplies’ boat afloat in the late 1800s shipwreck. Raw sea turtle would have to be several levels of hunger further up the scale, very chewy with an unpleasant fishy flavor especially in the bottom of this sloppy soiled boat. Yeah, eat anything, try anything starvation

English: Leatherback sea turtle with head abov...

level. And then that’s gone. No water, no food and no real hope of rescue.

Then thirst gets overwhelming and we’re on to drinking urine, mm. And salt water, uh uh. And we discuss whether one of us should die as sustenance for the others. I’m sure the thinking was real clear at this point.

But it is true that eating one sailor does give the others a better chance of survival. And the younger, more tender one, is always the culinary choice, especially in raw consumables. Plus if he is unconscious, that helps. “oh look he’s sleeping – stick him!”

So the question; is it murder or self-defense or just a slippery slope towards eating the least favorite shipping buddy?

Is it better to have one die than four? Well, that seems like a no-brainer – mostly yes.

Or is it more important to never kill a person(except in the military or if you’re in the judicial system)?  That seems like a no-brainer – mostly yes.

And is how the choice made of who was to die critical in the innocence or guilt of the human eaters? Well, that seems like a no-brainer – mostly yes.

And if we got rescued the day or two later or just survived against the odds would that be considered damning? Well, that seems like a no-brainer, then what were we thinking. What, no crystal ball? No satellite communications…hey it was the late 1800s.

And anybody who eats raw sea turtle and drinks pee is obviously in fear of dying, is dying, by Jove. And if they don’t die, kill them because they ATE somebody and if they’re not punished, well it could become a trend; a precedent. Sailors around the world will be just saying, I murdered him and ate him because I thought I was dying of hunger. And to really prove their case, report some other obnoxious things that were eaten prior to the other forbidden meat, like dark room-temperature ale and eggplant or, or kale raw, bruised and with no dressing.

Sailing, sailing who shall we eat today.

Calm seas, no shore in sight...paddle.
Calm seas, no shore in sight…paddle, appetizers at 7.


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