Apply Yourself

Yup, I did it. There was a horse club party last night and I made up a song, played it and sang it. IN FRONT OF THEM PEOPLE!

Prior to singing/guitar playing in front of 'People' debut, I wore a horse mask.
Me in horse mask!

I brought along that rubber horse mask my brother gave me for Christmas, it seemed the right time to wear it. It’s got these white rimmed eyes, open horse-y mouth and laid back ears. It’s not a horse you’d want to ride.

Ah, yeah, I was nervous and they laughed at the right times because the song was funny. I chose easy chord progressions and it was simple. Its hard enough to just sing in front of a group, add fingerings and it’s potentially disaster. Actually, with all the practice I could’ve played it without music, but back a long time ago in high school I was doing A level on bassoon – which means it must be memorized for competition – and I blanked out at division level. I mean I couldn’t remember what note to start on and we were already into the piece. The very nice woman accompanying me on piano tried restarting that segment, but nothing. I had no idea, nothing. I had to just tell them I couldn’t remember. Ever since then, even if I’ve memorized the music I want a copy in front of me.

So anyway, my guitar debut in front of a crowd, yippee! It was good and they were fun, which was the best. I don’t know exactly how many people, the guy that I was roasting with my song wasn’t there for the first rendition, but he got there when everything was winding down and so I did a reprise. He sat right close and I sang to him…too funny.

Somebody said I did better with more alcohol, but actually all I had was a beer, well two.

Well I Heard There Was A Secret Chord.... (4/3...

Mostly it was less nerves the second time around. And the horse head…got to get into the persona of a ‘I don’t care, I’m singing, you’ll enjoy it!’ performer.

Next I guess since I’ve got a classical guitar, maybe classical music. I always liked Spanish guitar. My fingers are going to need to move faster and stretch further and get stronger, oh dear.

Any performers with a kind of bad experience haunting you?


2 thoughts on “Apply Yourself

  1. I was sitting right across from you and thought it was great. The first few little mess-ups were totally understandable and you could see that on everyone’s face as they said to themselves, wow, I wish I could do that.

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