Out the door, in the door what do I see – Take Two

But the real story is, see that large more than man-sized raised bed outside.

It’s cold, overcast and windy outside today and not beautiful. Yesterday the warm-ish weather melted most of the snow. Going out the kitchen door onto the raised deck I see: The raised beds, dormant vines and detritus of last season’s garden.  I finally got wisteria flowers on that vine in the forefront, of course that’s before we had … the trouble…

Garden in winter. Photo 1

Garden in winter. Photo 1

It’s cold out so I turned right around and went back in through the storm and regular doorway and into the warm kitchen. I’m not sure how to actually count what I see as it seems I see whole bunches of things pretty much at once and not one by one, but this caught my attention:

Dried garlic and herbs and glassware for wine.

Dried garlic and herbs and glassware for wine.

*******And perhaps you would think there is an easy and obvious connection, i.e. garden grows garlic and herbs which season the food for meals that need to have wine to complete – hence wine glasses.

But the real story is, see that large more than man-sized raised bed outside. More than plants have thought that looked like a good place to reside. Yes, now maybe you might begin to understand why my previously non-garlic raising husband is planning on having 1,000 garlic plants this next season, maybe even more. It’s necessary…I didn’t picture the garlic in bowls at all entryways. And the herbs, to clear the miasma, blight, the curse from the north. The little known, but well feared, vampire hoadag has been spotted in the area, moving south from the Rhinelander region. Usually winter keeps them holed up, but as I said we’ve had thaws.

Below: Hoadag prevention dog, she doesn’t think the garlic really works (we have filed her apparent disagreement). Note the intriguing, but absolutely necessary Hoadag repellent speckled nose, any other nose won’t do. And the extra protectant white heart on her forehead … critical power concentrator.

Jazzie wondering why I am photographing the garlic.

Jazzie wondering why I am photographing the garlic.

Ah, you’re wondering about the wine glasses. Really….where are you from anyway?

Oh, sorry, but if you want to be able to see a Hoadag, everyone knows you need to drink wine, beer or brandy (this is Wisconsin).

Do you think we’re ready enough or do we need 3000 garlic? Is there ever too much garlic? Maybe you agree with the speckled nose, heart marked dingo?



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Camera toting, dog trainer, cat trainer, horse trainer, flower gardener, book reader, always finding something new to be interested in and research. My newest undertaking is my new pup and all the training that goes with raising him. I must get back to painting watercolors in my art room. Finished and looking for new ones in the library's DVD collection. About me ... Dog trainer for over 40 years, multiple obedience titles on many dogs, showed in conformation, ran a grooming shop, trained lots of people and dogs. Also have a BS Nutrition, CRD, CTM, AKC CGC evaluator, was NAHQ, was licensed in life/health insurance, long-term care consultant for 25+ years, Covey facilitator, team trainer, project manager, R+ trainer for people, etc ... you could say I believe in qualifications variety.
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5 Responses to Out the door, in the door what do I see – Take Two

  1. huntmode says:

    Oh, well done! I had to go look up “Hoadag” to learn of this mysterious creature. Great fun!

  2. seeker says:

    Garlic, garlic and more garlic. That’s my favorite bulb to plant. Grow garlic!

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