Birds of Winter-they eat, they leave, they complain if seeds are needed

Blue Jay, I think he saw me move.
Blue Jay said he wants more suet and more black sunflower seeds… and “what you look’in at?”
We've got more Blue Jays coming to the feeder than I've ever seen before.
I could give her my best profile or fly away, which will I do?

Sure they’re pretty, but so are plastic flowers. Plastic flowers have all the colors and they’ll stay where you put them all day. You want to get a photo, no problem. You want to get closer, absolutely clear and focused and use a flash, OK: they don’t immediately leave if you look at them or make a noise.

Add them to your bird feeder and your neighbors will be amazed. “Such color and they bloom in winter!” Henry Smith said as he dropped in yesterday.

“So do you have to heat the water? Give them black sunflower seeds, suet? Clean the feeder area regularly?”

None of the above. Mess free, problem free and color at your bird feeder at all times of the day and EVEN in the night!

But Henry whines that he really wants to see a bird.

Well, bird needed, try beanie babies Blue Jay, stays where you put it, wings out, wings in, interested and looking at photographer, no problem. And if you want to add realism, have your photos slightly out of focus.

Real birds fly away, duck down, like the non bright side. They just are never close enough long enough, here’s some examples:

I mean really, fake birds and fake blooms are so much easier…and more modern too.

Birds in your house? I bet you have some.  In the article below…well she’s getting some gorgeous cardinal photos and has the real deal tips.

Bird chime - the pink headed heron.
Bird chimes – the pink headed heron.

2 thoughts on “Birds of Winter-they eat, they leave, they complain if seeds are needed

  1. Great shots!
    I wanted to respond to you re: your comment on the suitcase project and the American Eugenics Movement and make sure you got the message, so I am reposting my response here. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and winter cheers to you!
    Submitted on 2013/01/07 at 12:30 am | In reply to cindy knoke.
    Fascinating set of coincidences with you. I am going to repost this on your blog comment sections somewhere so we stop missing each other. My final research project in graduate school was on The American Eugenics Movement. My professor, who I eventually took and passed our licensing exam with, very much wanted me to publish, but I was tired, burned out of school and wasn’t up for it. So, I happen to know quite a bit about the Eugenics Movement (not specifically in Vermont) and it’s influence on modern day genetics and on ultimately on the third reich. Not cheerful reading by a long shot. The history you are holding is very important and at some point you may wish to do something with it or not. Up to you. But you are a very interesting and insightful person and I am glad to have met you in blogsville. If it makes you feel any better all the the mental health profession is problem focused. In fact there is no such entity as “mental health” which is completely frustrating since it lables an entire profession.

    1. Sometimes it seems like everything comes together, or maybe we just notice a certain series of information at specific moments. You also are very interesting and insightful, it’s unfortunate that we live so far apart, it would be nice to meet you in person. But I have greatly enjoyed my period in blog-o-sphere so far, Feb will be my 6-months anniversary with WordPress and I’m so glad I got involved and found your postings. The weight of history, luckily it will wait. All the best to you, wishing you imaginative cascades of wordy wisdom ;). Jeanine

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