Sun setting on 2012 – rhapsody in sherbet colors

As I got back into my SUV at the library I realized I might get home too late to photograph the last sunset of this year so as I drove west on highway 64 I tried to absorb it for re-telling.

SunsetDec312012 005The air feels like a walk-in freezer without the blower on, about zero degrees. The sky is almost cloudless, except for wispy swathes of gray, yellow, orange, pink reflections near the horizon. The rest of the sky is blue-gray like your grandfather’s eyes or a song bird’s egg. As the sun drops further the color intensifies going from an orange dream-cycle to ruby grapefruit pink red or pomegranate seed garnet and streaks of butter yellow. The rest of the skyline reflects pale pink, like a baby’s lips.SunsetDec312012 009

By 4:30 the sun is below the tree line, the sky creating perfect silhouettes of spruce, white pine, maples, oaks, birch and poplar.

By 4:45 the show is almost completed, the daily effort to create a color palette accomplished for the last time this year.SunsetDec312012 013 The colors washing towards pastels, blues and grays. And starting to look like they were swirled to break them apart.

Cars with lights on are driving down Wester Avenue with drivers wondering what is that person photographing? Well, they missed it.

My horses are commenting, since its almost dark isn’t it time for more hay? They don’t seem impressed by solar splendor. They’re very practical, it’s cold, more calories are required.

Do you try to catch sunsets or sunrises, especially certain dates of the year? I’ve tried to catch last day of year and first for a while now.



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