Snow-kissed, 13th Full Moon Setting, Snowhorse ball

The kiss of snow, swirl of frost, silvery white illumination.

Glimmer of pleasure, floating in promise, bliss of obliteration.

So anyway it was snowing on us last night and clouds covered the last full moon rise of 2012.

Sting of cold, pinch of chill, manifest of imagination.

Oh crud, the hose to the horse water is frozen again! Oh oops…

The 13th full moon, mesmerizing in setting, night’s white declination.

Oh yeah, Scout’s playing with his jolly ball! Oh what fun it is to…

The first gallery of shots was with a Canon PowerShot A710 IS and was during sunrise of Dec 29th. The second gallery was with a Nikon CoolPix P100 taken at moon set earlier the same day, same places in northern Wisconsin on a snow-covered gravel road.

Is there any particular shot you like? What do you think, should I write poetry?




5 thoughts on “Snow-kissed, 13th Full Moon Setting, Snowhorse ball

    1. Thanks, especially early in the season it’s beautiful…later it becomes an oh no not more snow! But oven hot, eek, I don’t think I’d like that. As a kid my family spent a year in pre-air conditioned Florida…moist, moldy heat and rain with lots of frogs in the jalousie windows.

  1. these pictures are beautiful – thank you – (and I am not a big snow fan) my Son is – how is that you have snow falling in the pictures (sorry technically challenged here) Happy New Year

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