Heavy, Amazing Frost visited Wester Ave last night

Frosted Tamarack bough
Frosted Tamarack bough

Monochromatic adds a new and different view of the world. It’s not hard to envision the Snow Queen swooping in to land behind her team of swans, although it seemed more like she’d be pulled by ravens. There was a black SUV that zoomed by me this morning spewing foggy exhaust?

But Jack Frost, as Old Man Winter or maybe a tricky teenager-there seems to be a conflict in the story, frosted just about everything here. Did you know that if you seriously anger him he’ll cover you, to death – no soft friendly story here, with snow? Only to be discovered in the spring melt or maybe re-birthed like trees. But he’s supposed to be fairly forgiving. I’m not sure what it is that you could do to him? I mean nobody sees him, do they?

Big tamarack, seems out of place, they're usually in wetter  land
Big tamarack, seems out of place, they’re usually in wetter land

I’ve read some of the great Christmas posts on WordPress filled with color, food and family traditions. And I was thinking about the season. I think, up here in the north woods, the season is filled with contrast usually, but not so much color. Our skies are often solid gray for days, that’s when its warmest out, or clear blue and that’s when the temperature usually really drops.

Today it’s gray frosty, low 30sF with misty bliss. And the only bright colors are artificially maintained (paint or plastic), not many of those. Not cozy, not welcoming, but beautiful in an ice shard, frozen, severe-quality way.

The homes on Wester Avenue this morning as I walked didn’t have any friendly smoke coming from their chimneys (it was warm enough that it rose unseen). If it was night, there would be a few Christmas lights on many of them, but not all. No big light shows here.

I like color. I saw a pair of blue jays at the bird feeder, that’s where the color is! Cardinals, jays, rosy grosbeaks and even the morning doves have iridescent glimmers…if the sun was out.

The earlier extravagance of frosty shards by mid day disappeared in the brilliance of sunlight on snow.  And the only trickster event that occurred this morning was the nipping of my photo fingers.

At noon the sun came out
At noon the sun came out

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