Snow in the Morning – photos walking Wester Ave.

It isn’t really the first snow in Wisconsin until there’s enough dropped that it’s likely to stick for the season.

I think this is likely to stick. Wester Avenue looks especially good in the new fallen snow – don’t you think?

This gravel road is one mile long, there is one barn, one stream, two families with chickens,  15  dogs (?),  5 alpacas, 8 horses, ? cows,  15 residences and two school buses go by in opposite directions each morning and afternoon. We have three of the dogs and four of the horses, no chickens although I’m thinking about adding them.

There is a combination of woods, fields, high land and low land. The size of the properties are variable from only a couple of acres to 160 acres, 10 acres is probably the most common. We are about five miles from town and two and a half miles from highway 64, which is a major east/west road. Being this far from town raises insurance rates because of the distance for fire-trucks to travel. Last night

a couple of miles away, a large shed with five horses and equipment burned down. It’s still smoking today. My horses like their run in shed; they could run out if there was any need to.

A friend called this morning worried that the fire might have been here. Nope. Our snow is pristine, thankfully. I am grateful for the beauty of the day.


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