Illumination – it’s dark around here

The snow fell today, then melted.  If the ground were snow-covered there would be a lot more reflected light, it makes a big difference in darkness. The skies were gray and then the sun went down and it’s really dark out. Black at 5:11 p.m. There will be the last quarter moon tonight, if it’s not covered by clouds.

Some of our neighbors, down the road, have those yard lights that stay on all the time. I understand why, especially in winter. We don’t, we just have outside lights that are turned on or off as needed and eyes that adjust to the dark. There are no street lights on a gravel road in the country.

The horses don’t like the lights to be switched on and off. I think it ruins their night vision, probably more so than it does mine. They can see much better in the dark than I can. So I just turn the lights on inside and not outside the hay shed.

The wild rabbits are coming in much closer to the house and into the hay shed. The dogs seem to be able to tell when the rabbits are in the raspberry bushes, which are just outside the garage door, even from inside the house. They go to the door – outside? and I ask them if it’s just to chase the bunnies. They agree that it is, happily.  I shake my head, they try again.

My cat, who is an inside cat, wants to be in my lap more. He’s been considering sleeping on top of me at night too.

Maybe we all need more comfort when the days get so dark.  It does seem like a time for reflecting. The first quarter moon is due December 20, just before the Winter Solstice and the full moon will greet us on December 28th, hopefully glinting on plenty of snow. MoonriseOct292012 002 MoonriseOct292012 001


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