People are like food – I hear we waste a lot of food

Will create masks for party with hopes that the pre-party creation isn’t the highlight of it all..

Wouldn’t it be great if people would know you well enough to just invite you to things you would like and skip it for the rest?

I like people, with food.  I like people, with purpose. Food and purpose is extra good, add beverage and yippee!

I like people in easy to use doses, single servings individually wrapped, not too processed, more fresh organic. Or even small groups, casserole style pot luck. Occasional gelatin molds or cheese whiz, okey dokey.

I like dinner parties with murder themes or costume themes or country themes like Brazilian or Russian. I like games or sports that I can take part in, not just watch. I’ll sing for my supper, or just because there’s a karaoke  machine.

Acrylic on poster paper 40X48″, Celebrate the Season created for log cabin window in office decoration effort.

But not a banquet. Usually then it is no longer fresh, too many repeats, too large to be really good. However, if I have a purpose, then the largeness of the group isn’t an issue, if I’m the speaker, caterer, emcee. Just being there is not a purpose. Some people would say it is; being seen, schmoozing and telling your elevator story over and over, ew. Even if I plan that kind of strategy I feel it’s largely a waste, most people aren’t listening or paying attention and if they are; exactly why? Alright, so I’m cynical and not looking.

I don’t like waste people…waste of time, waste of food, waste of effort. And I don’t like seeing people I like doing things that don’t reflect well on them, sure that’s ‘see no evil, hear no evil, say no…’ but it protects my psyche, and why not?

I wouldn’t like too close, like store shelves, too many people’s wishes to consider, too many conflicting desires. I need a place to recharge where it’s quiet, somewhere near wild asparagus and empty gravel roads.

Wester Ave in the morning mist

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