Chickadees caught my attention – NaNoWriMo procrastination #3

What chickadee dee dee you may ask, that looks like abstract spruce branches and sky.

And that was the problem, these tidy little birds so busily finding spruce pine cone seeds were just too fast for me. Except for one that abandoned the pines and reclined in almost a sunlit dappled spot. Each time I moved closer to the trees, they liked the less sunny side, they moved to the next trees. I stood stock still. They taunted me with ‘dee dee dee’ and brief landings and flits away. Sometimes digital is so slow. I’m using my Canon PowerShot A710is 6X optical zoom.

There is a horse trailer spare tire sitting chickadee in the photo, but not very impressive.


There is a chickadee in the photo.

Now this photo expedition does not seem like a very good reason to procrastinate writing my first in progress, almost 8000 words, so far, of fiction novel, that will achieve at least 50,000 words committed by the end of November. But, these morning walks have been some of the best times for figuring out what I am going to write next.

So far my heroine is dealing with having to try to find her missing husband, who is (of course) lost in the north woods of Wisconsin.

My theory is write what I know about or at least have interviews with locals about…another procrastination scenario – interviews. So far I’ve interviewed a former bar owner (and I do appreciate all the info you gave me, I’ll try to figure out how to get it into my story, really). She says that the most popular mixed drink here is coke and Captain and, would you believe it, mountain dew and Southern Comfort. Eww, seems like your teeth would just curl up.

I’ve got to go on another walk, need more ideas.



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