The Cat led me astray – procrastination NaNoWriMo

This is the pleased cat, because he’s got the sunny spot and the dogs don’t have it.

I have found several reasons not to write my 2000 words a day for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer’s Month – November), today it’s the cat. He obviously needed to be photographed, he had posed graciously in the sunlight. I trotted off to get my camera, he was surprisingly still in place when I got back. I arranged myself on the floor and he quickly moved himself to my non-sunlit chair behind me. OK. This may take a little longer than I thought. So I got up and sat in my chair. He was not exactly displeased, but he left and went to the window to lick condensation off its bottom edge and then to breathe on it and lick on up a ways. Not really a great photo op.

OK, I’ll just have to wait a little longer because that sunlit patch on the floor is going to draw him in. One of my dogs went to lay in the sun and aha, the cat decided to make his move. Purpose, meows and threatening paw raises and both dogs cleared the pathway to ‘cat in the sunshine on the carpet, teasing them around the table leg.’

A bit of a saucy catty mood, dogs abandon the area in self preservation.
Confident, cat king of the sunny spot on the rug.

I returned to belly flop on the floor, pretty sure that this time he wouldn’t immediately give up his sunny space.

This time he liked me on the floor photographing him, and so he put on a bit of a show around the legs of the table – mature cat pole dancing.

I liked the close ups better than the full body shots even though the essence of his silliness was lost. I’m using a digital canon powershot A710is telephoto all the way out for most of these.

Time to get back to writing fiction. The problem is there are so many choices for disasters, which ones should I write? The cat isn’t helping, his typing yesterday – in code again.


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