In the Morning Sun

One of the best things about this time of year up north in Wisconsin is the sunrise at such a good time; not too early, not too late (well maybe a little late, soon fixed by fall back on to standard time, Saturday night).

Milkweed pods busted out white feathery topped seeds.

This low angle light is gorgeous for photographing. Outside it’s mostly dried, going to seed things, with some frost on them. The animals and birds are hiding from the hunters who took to the woods with weapons several weeks ago, so the usual creature activity I witness all summer on my morning walks on Wester Avenue is absent.

Tamarack, most of its needles shed, with the late full moon peeking through its branches.
Almost as traditional as red, this barn is still in use for dairy cows. Just not very many any more.
Rusted iron fence post, gleaming white birch bark. This used to be a pasture for cows, used to be fence line that would keep them in.

Cornstalk and pumpkin decor just down the road.

Wild red raspberry leaves still colorful and still attached.

Golden rod after the golden is gone.

There isn’t much color anymore, but the shades of earth tones are at their best. And the light, the light on sunny days is all anyone could ask for, don’t you think so?