Novel, Dogs supportive??? – NaNoWriMo

I did not stay up until midnight so I could start writing at 12:01 a.m. for National Novel Writers Month.

Jazzie and Max supporting my decision to write fiction and patiently waiting for my daily completion of 2000 words for NaNoWriMo.

I did not skip breakfast or my morning workout. I figured, start as you plan to proceed, reasonable, practical, healthy, steady, favorite coffee, comfortable chair, heater on by my feet, hubby told to go away, dogs ready for fun breaks and then freak, freak, freak! Because 50,000 words turned in by the 25th or so, is frankly a really big number and I’m more used to shorter offerings of the less fictional kind.

What did happen last night in my sleep were vibrant and weird dreams, I thought at one point when I woke up, I should write down some of this to use tomorrow or the next day. But I was tired and sleepy and thought I might remember at least part of them, maybe tonight I’ll get my notebook, flashlight and pencil ready for any nocturnal plot lines.

So far this morning when I started writing I seemed to track immediately off course, so much for planning.

We were supportive, but this is taking too long. How many words did you write so far? How many are you going to write? Boring, boring, boring, boring…

But then again that’s the way my planning has always been and the writing is going and so far its interesting. I’m  at 1300 words, trying to skip any editing – not hard lining that or anything really, whatever goes, goes. The plan, and this part is intact as of yet, is to write in two blocks daily, as much as flows. So far I don’t have many characters and I thought I was going to aim for comedy, maybe not? Maybe that’s the funny part. Well my dogs say its time to stop writing and go outside for a fun break, I’m on board for that part of the plan.

You want my opinion, reconsider before you get too far into this. There are so many other things we could do together like…



It would be great to hear from you!

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