Horse Play – dancing with traffic cone

Other things you can do with a traffic cone.
Maybe it’s for your hoof? Put your left foot in…
The traffic cone dance…twist like we did last summer…
Round and round and round we go…

Scout is 5 years old in these photos of him having a blast with one of my training cones. He’s also known for tossing jolly balls 30 feet in the air and stopping traffic with his antics. Several of my other horses play, but not like Scout does. A couple of days ago I was hearing a kaplush noise, like waves against a boat, but we don’t live on a lake. He had put a bucket into the water trough and was bobbing it up and down. He’ll fetch things, carry things and so far this is the first year I haven’t been dumped off him for one reason or another. He’s quite happy to be ridden, stuff just happens.


9 thoughts on “Horse Play – dancing with traffic cone

  1. What a character, frisky, fun-loving, ingenious! Maybe Scout was a dog in a former life ; )

    Thanks for the Like that drew me to the stunning photography here : )

  2. Nice 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse play with things before. I’ve seen them chase each other and stuff like that, but never actually picking things up and carrying it around. Love these pictures 🙂

    1. Thanks,two of my four like to carry things a lot, the other two, not often. Most pastures don’t have much to play with, except maybe other horses and people gather the feed pans quickly to avoid having to go out in the pasture to find them…a clue?

  3. What a playful beauty he is….I would have loved to have been a witness to his dance with the traffic cone….what a sweet heart he is

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