Challenge 1.2

What if I decide I like dealing with, learning about, being challenged by…whatever there is to deal with, learn about and be challenged by. Does that change everything? Does it change the way I see the world?

One thing it does do is eliminate a lot of things to complain about.  A lot of unhappiness is based on desiring something different instead of accepting something that is. There’s a certain and large benefit to accepting nature, things, the world as it is.

Perspective, there’s that hammer saying. If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. There’s the line of the poem paraphrased; accepting the things I can’t change, changing the things I can and  hoping for the wisdom to know the difference.

There’s the problem that as soon as I’m noticing something like white SUVs or a certain style of glasses or color of jacket,  or a standard assumption they are everywhere.

The questions I ask matter. Questions assume things quite often and create biased answers and more biased questions. Monitoring something changes it, looking for something changes it, that’s what happens when you gather data.

Perspective in drawing can be a focal point where all lines meet and this makes it so you can see foreground, size, distance and make sense in two dimensions as if there were three. Color, light, dark, source of light also creates perspective. Tone, beat, volume, lyrics in music creates perspective.

Culture creates perspective. People in our culture are appalled if asked to spit into a clean cup and then re-drink it. Hmm, we swallow our own spit all the time and the cup is clean – we’d drink water out of it, but spit…why not exactly. Does this make any sense?

Well enough introspection. Too much questioning does create unhappiness, but how much is the right amount…wisdom to know the difference.


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