Journey on Daily Effort to Learn New Things

Clickers used for clicker training Taken by Elf
Clickers used for clicker training Taken by Elf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I started this blog to practice writing, practice getting thoughts to screen (or paper as they used to say). I don’t know that practice necessarily makes you better, but it does make doing something easier. I’m doing the same thing with guitar; spending some time with it daily. It’s been, hmmph, about 9 months now. I’ve got calluses on my left hand fingertips. My rendition of what to do with a Drunkin’ Sailor is quite jaunty.


This journey to daily effort on different interests started when I quit working so regularly; work for someone else cuts into the time that would be used for things that actually are deeply interesting. But initially I found I was just doing easy stuff, like reading or doing needed articles, like setting up my dog training business or cleaning. Then I started a weekly on-line dog training program which included lots of 5 minute segments. Of course, my dogs wanted to practice these. You think I’m joking? I’m not, they wait patiently while I do  computer work and after about two hours have passed they nudge me and stare or go get a toy and demonstrate. So the brief segments and expansion of new endeavors enlarged.


Last year I spent daily time on photography, this year if the light is right I’m shooting photos of something.

Laundry dries even when there’s first snow on the ground.

Two years ago it was Spanish, mostly to get ready to go to Nicaragua, but it was also a needed review. Before that it was dressage riding and then clicker training the horses. Almost forgot; facebook, google web page and dog training blog…I think that was last year that I started, it’s hard to remember a time without having facebook and a web page. Those are definite learning curve time-sucking projects. Not saying they aren’t worthwhile, but I’m thinking any new learning that needs significant effort to master is worthwhile.


Drawing and artwork, I’m not doing daily. I did a speed rush back to carving to get a chair ready for the local business supporting ‘chair affair’ auction.

Relief carved Puppy chair for local chair affair auction.

I could tell that I hadn’t been practicing; less flow to the work and more struggle. Three years ago it was watercolors, but only for 3 months. Earlier this year I worked on acrylics and light and detail.  And I did a large 40″ X 48″ poster of a dinner celebration for a window at work, the emphasis was light, color and speed of rendition. Sometime soon I’m moving toward more abstraction and color, maybe when its cold and gray outside.

Acrylic on poster paper 40X48″, Celebrate the Season.

Creating, that’s what I want. There seems to be too much copying and passing on and not enough original, not enough depth, not enough talent developed. To be able to share, be interesting, pique curiosity or just offer comments and different perspective that’s why I’m practicing blogging.



It would be great to hear from you!

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