What I love – both exalted and mundane

MorningJan312013 012White, white snow blanketing the earth.

Gray , gray clouds building in the sky.

Black, black crows cawing the coming Spring.

Brown, brown dash of churning legs fly.

Deep, deep breath inhaling the heavens.

Wide, wide thoughts of life going by.

High, high branches reaching for the sun.

Low, low machinations affecting everyone.

Love it all.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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About jeaninerenzoni

Join over 300 followers of Wester Avenue in rural northern Wisconsin and over 200 followers of Gentletouchdogtrainingblog to hear about what's going on in my neck of the north woods. I'm someone who has traveled, worked in the corporate world in long term care. I've changed professions several times, worked for myself (as I currently do), but previously in healthcare - dietetics as a consultant for over 30 years. Currently I'm more homegrown, doing reward-based dog training, which has been a lifelong intense hobby & sometimes business. My newest undertaking is learning more about service dog training. I garden artistically and grow flowers, herbs and fruit, right now the hydrangeas are dominant. Right now I'm drying apples. I am watching the DVD movies in our local library starting with numerical titles (into the L's as of Sept - had to do some backtracking on new titles) and read extensively. Living in rural northern Wisconsin = slow speed Internet, so iffy connectivity...grrr.
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One Response to What I love – both exalted and mundane

  1. sarahneeve says:

    Loved it, beautifully written. :)

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